Announcing New Organizational Account

DREAM Tech is pleased to announce that we have significantly expanded the capabilities of our cloud-based BBMD software for benchmark dose and reference dose calculations by adding a new subscription option, an Organizational Account. An Organizational Account provides the ability for multiple users to create custom databases for both data sets and completed analyses. ThisContinue reading “Announcing New Organizational Account”

DREAM Tech announces three-day workshop starting May 30, 2022

This workshop will provide participants with knowledge and hands-on experience of benchmark dose modeling for chemical risk assessment using the Bayesian Benchmark Dose (BBMD) modeling system. The workshop will cover a number of topics, including probabilistic dose-response modeling in a Bayesian framework, BMD analysis for dichotomous, continuous, categorical data, and genomic data BMD analysis. Additionally,Continue reading “DREAM Tech announces three-day workshop starting May 30, 2022”