Discover the BBMD custom databases

The BBMD database enables your organization to do efficient dose-response modeling and BMD estimation. We are a global provider in cloud computing tools that educate, connect, and empowers toxicologists and chemical risk assessors.

BBMD Platform

Let us introduce you to our growing BBMD database. Premium users can search the datasets and analyses to enhance the efficiency of dose-response modeling and BMD estimation. While our Organizational users can create custom databases that powerfully house internal data that is easily shared within the organization to increase productivity and collaboration. Users even have the option to make databases public to share with other researchers or provide supplemental data for reports and publications.

Growing Analysis Types

Dream Assist allows users to access DREAM Tech’s consulting services for the analysis of data sets and the creation of custom databases. These services are provided by our international recognized team of experts in computational dose-response modeling, Drs. Kan Shao and Weihsueh Chiu. DREAM Assist can be accessed directly through the BBMD™ platform or by contacting DREAM Tech for a consultation.